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Dr. Traci Kiernan Show

Dr. Traci Kiernan Show

With the latest and cutting-edge information in wellness, Dr. Traci Kiernan gets to the ROOT of your health issues. The Dr. Traci Kiernan Show will challenge you with a fun spin on the way you view and manage your health. Dr. Kiernan is influencing the movement of preventative health, proactive healthcare, all while providing great tools and tips for you and your family. Her greatest desire is for you to live out your God give purpose for your life with lots of energy and to see you experience vibrance, peace, and joy.  She is fun, real, educated, and by your side for your health journey.

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About Dr. Traci Kiernan

Dr. Traci Kiernan, B.A., D.C., D.N.M.

Dr. Traci Kiernan is a wellness physician, successful health coach, author, radio show host and dynamic speaker committed to setting people free from their health problems so they can live their lives to their fullest potential.  She is on a mission to build healthier lives by inspiring, educating and equipping.

Dr. Kiernan is the founder and owner of Natural State Health Center in Little Rock, AR and TruBalance Health in Little Rock, AR, Memphis, TN, Jackson, MS and Shreveport, LA. Along with her team of doctors, health coaches and program coordinators, she has a foundational premise of getting to the root of health conditions instead of just covering up the symptom.

When not working with patients and developing a strong team, you will find Dr. Kiernan hanging with her husband, Ryan, and four children, Pierce, Audrey, and Sarah and Berkley, and goldendoodle Nellie.  She loves researching and writing, being outside, music, hiking, cycling, tennis and traveling.

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