Senator Jason Rapert

Senator Jason Rapert

'I know what it is to fight for what is right and I want to ensure that other conservative Christian leaders are properly equipped to withstand the extreme Left’s harassment tactics designed to wear Christian leaders down in the public arena. The time is now to take a stand before our Judeo-Christian foundation is forever lost in the nation.'

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Senator Jason Rapert is the founder and president of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL) and host of “Save the Nation with Jason Rapert”. The NACL is the first national association of Christian elected officials serving at the local, state and federal level in the history of the United States.


“Save the Nation with Jason Rapert” focuses on addressing all of the major public policy issues and current events facing the United States today from a Christian worldview. In addition to incorporating in-depth analysis, education and information on the importance of Christians serving in public office, Rapert interviews and profiles Christian elected officials from around the nation and highlights leading conservatives from all across the country.


Sen. Rapert is a native of Arkansas and has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and rebuilding the Judeo-Christian foundation of America through his public service and private life. Not only is he recognized for his leadership in the Christian community, he also is known as a solid friend to Israel and the Jewish people. He recently spoke at a national meeting of Christians United For Israel and has worked closely with Jewish advocates and other pro-Israel organizations.


Rapert is well known for his strong conservative legislation including passage of the nation’s first Heartbeat Bill passed in 2013 - Act 301, the Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act. His bill was cited as the strongest ProLife bill passed into law since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 and was one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the United States. Most recently he passed SB6 in 2021 which is now ACT 309 which sought to abolish all abortion in Arkansas except to save the life of the mother. It is now the strongest ProLife law ever passed in Arkansas since the Roe v. Wade decision and is viewed as the strongest restriction on abortion in the country. Through Senator Rapert’s work and that of other strong ProLife advocates, Arkansas was named as the nation’s #1 ProLife state in the country.


Senator Rapert also sponsored Act 1231 in 2015 to place a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol.  The first monument was destroyed by a vandal who intentionally ran over it within 24 hours after it was installed in 2017. Rapert raised all the funds for the original monument and the replacement monument through private funds and it now stands on the Arkansas state Capitol grounds. 

His courage on ProLife issues and the installation of the Ten Commandments monument have made Rapert a target for the Left, Atheists, Satanists and socialist progressives. He is currently the only state legislator in the United States being sued by the American Atheists in federal court, and he is in a battle to defend ACT 1231 from the American Atheists, American Humanists, Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU and the Satanic Temple over the Arkansas Ten Commandments monument.


In addition to his public service, Rapert is a businessman, ordained preacher and leads several organizations. He has led as president of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL) since it’s inception. The NACL now boasts 26 state chairs who are also state elected officials in their respective states, and includes members and supporters in 49 states across the country. You can learn more about the NACL on their website


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