Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough

McCullough is a political/cultural commentator on FoxNews’ America’s Newsroom.

He hosts a 2min The News That Makes You Think feature airing on 400+ radio outlets nationally. He hosts nationally syndicated hybrid news/faith talk broadcast The Kevin McCullough Show airing on 200+ outlets.

He hosts the broadcast Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* on Saturday nights 9-11pm EST, airing on 300+ radio outlets, also produced as a television broadcast for BizTV available in 48 million TV households.

McCullough “originated content” constitutes 1200+ affiliate clearances per week.

TALKERS Magazine recognized McCullough as the 11th most listened to voice in talk radio in America in 2015 and  as number 31 on their annual list of the “Heavy Hundred” hosts.

McCullough is a syndicated columnist. He'sauthored 3 books, including the Best-Selling: “NO HE CAN’T: How Barack Obama dismantled Hope and Change”


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