Dan Celia

Dan Celia

My hope is that I can help you to think biblically about your finances; that your investments would be honoring and pleasing to God, and that you will make conservative and sound decisions. My prayer is that through our radio ministry, now reaching out in hundreds of areas throughout this Country, we can educate people with wise counsel, providing a place for God’s people to come to get their questions answered from a biblical perspective – without any strings attached.

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Daniel J. Celia CEO/President, Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries

Married to Registered Nurse, Yvonne, in 1980, Dan has two married daughters, is blessed with sons-in law who love the Lord, and has eight grandchildren. Dan has worked 1978 as an entrepreneur and businessman, starting eight corporations and co-founder of two others. In 1998 Dan sold his Small Trust Company (managing over 950 million dollars) to go into Ministry. Dan has developed and uses a biblically-responsible system of financial management with great success. He started a radio ministry in 1997 as a part time ministry and has seen the Lord expand and bless this ministry to his current full-time ministry. Dan has interviewed newsmakers and pundits like Steve Forbes, Ben Stein, T. Boone Pickens, Tony Perkins, John Alison, Rayola Dougher API, Congressmen, Senators and Presidential candidates. He is proud to serves as a board member of AFA.

Dan is now on over 660 stations three hours daily, BizTV, Dove TV and CTN Life Style Network. Financial Issues is heard in every state in America and throughout the internet globally. Financial Issues has supporters from over 17 countries. Dan is a Regular Weekly Contributor to Townhall.com (the number 1 source for conservative news and analyzation). Dan has been a guest on  Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, Family Net, 700 Club, CBN News and many others . He is a conference speaker, author of six books, publishes a weekly newsletter and has been Executive Producer of several video productions and FISM TV producing original family friendly content and other video projects all keeping with in FISM’s  Biblical world view.

“My greatest blessings worth talking about have been: Coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1988 as a result of Charles Stanley’s Ministry, My Marriage of over 40 year to my best friend, Children, Grandchildren, receiving my 2nd Masters Degree in Theology, being Ordained in 2001, and my service in the military from 1971 to 1977. Beyond that, the rest is insignificant.”

I do believe that God has raised up the Ministry of Financial Issues and is continuing to give me the recall from countless works in the world of business and finance so that I might  minister to His people. I pray the He will continue to use us for His purposes. I am very proud of the staff that God has raised up in this ministry to come along side of us in His work, a group of men and women that are sold out committed to Christ centeredness and the work that He has put before us. Our goal is that we might all stand firmly in His obedience as we praise and give Him glory for all that we have and all the work He allows us to do. May we be found worthy to be as sons of Issachar. 

At FISM we want to; Expose Jesus for all He is,  all He can do, and what He means.


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